Presidential Volunteer Service Award

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is a relatively new award that honors anyone who volunteers. There are levels of service. Bronze, Silver, Gold and the President's Call to Service Award. This is a great program to get your boys involved in, especially since they are already volunteering for lots of other service projects via cub scouts. Both children and adults can earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Award time frames are the current calendar year with the exception of the lifetime volunteer award.

The criteria is as follows:

  • Kids: 50-74 hours
  • Adults: 100-249 hours


Kids: 75-99 hours

Adults: 250-499 hours


Kids: 100+ hours

  • Adults: 500+ hours

Presidental Call to Service

4000 hours over a lifetime for more information about this program.

This is not a BSA Program but it goes well with the volunteer attitude of the cub scout program.