BSA Family Program

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Our family is participating in the BSA Family Program. This is a program designed to strengthen familes with a series of fun activities. We plan on doing our BSA family activities on Thursday nights, since we are already used to doing scouts on Thursday nights. The entire family gets the family award (patches or pins and certificate)

There are 10 activities that must be completed over 12 months. We plan on doing one activity each week to keep us busy this summer. All of the things listed in the book are probaby things you are already doing anyway, so you might as well get credit for it!

The program consists of 2 activities in each of 5 catagories for completion. The 5 catagories are:

Learing through fun and adventure
Strengthening family relationships
Developing personal strengths
Teaching responsibility
Handling difficult situations

Many of the items are also in the Wolf handbook, so you can get credit for the Wolf activity as well as the BSA Family Activity. Double the fun : ) I'll post some of the activities each week and the Wolf Requirements/Electives that also get covered with that activity. If you don't like the options for the week, email me, there are about 100 different activities in each catagory. I just don't want to list them all : )

Keep track of your activities by adding comments to this site. Let's encourage each other to have a fun family filled summer!