Bass Pro Shops Free Summer Clinics

Bass Pro Shops is offering free Summer Clinics on bird watching, plant and insect identification, animal identification, hiking, fishing, camping, archery and BB shooting. They are 30 minute clinics that are lead by a BPS employee and they have a video presentation along with it.

The kids get a a little 4 page informational Q and A sheet with some games and pictures. They have a little Scavenger hunt around the store with Q and A's for the kids, followed by receiving a pin for the program.

The Bass Pro Shops program is best suited for 6-8 year old, although there were some older kids there. Classes are held Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from now through July 5th.

Manna Bags

Teaching your Scouts one way to help others this Summer...

One day while I was in Bible Study, the topic came up about how to help some of the homeless/hungry people that we see standing on the corners so frequently around Nashville.

One of the ladies told us about "Manna Bags" that she keeps in her car and hands out to those in need. I think it's a great idea and wanted to share it with you. I know that I'll have my boys help make some of these up for Daddy to keep in his car as he travels around Nashville.

Suggested items to include in your bag:
-first aid kit
-tuna or chicken kit
-travel size wet ones
-water bottle
-travel size toiletries
-travel pack tissues
-plastic utensils
-fruit cup -tic tacs/gum
-pop top canned veggies
-pop top pork and beans
-Bible (with highlighted scripture)
-peanut butter cracker packs -local shelter/food bank info
-cereal or granola bars -note from family and/or child(ren)

Have fun and get creative as you help others in your travels this Summer!