January is Amazing Games Month!

January brings in a monthly theme of games! Your Wolf Handbook is filled with games for Cubs. Why not use these games to fill your monthly theme and grab more easy Arrow Points along the way? Also up for the theme is the Chess Belt Loop and the Marbles Belt Loop!

Check out these Electives in Chapter 4:
4A: Pie-tin Washer toss
4B: Marble Sharpshooter
4C: Ring Toss
4D: Beanbag Toss
4E: Marbles
4F: Wide area game with your den or pack

Elective 9 Make a gift or toy

This Christmas, no doubt your Scout has made some homemade gifts to share with family or friends. I know that my Scout is making a scrapbook of Daddy and Me for his Dad. Elective 9B and 9C are to make a gift or toy and give it away. If your Scout has done this project this Christmas season, go ahead and grab those Arrow Points!

Elective 17C Wrapping Presents

Electives in Chapter 17 are about Tying it Right. Specifically Elective 17C: Wrap and Tie a Present. It's another easy Arrow Point to grab since you are probably having your scout help wrap a few gifts for brother and sister or grandma and grandpa. Snatch up this elective as your scout helps you prepare for Christmas or birthdays.

Pinewood Derby Help

It's almost that time! The Pinewood Derby is right around the corner. I can't tell you how excited I was to pick up the latest edition of Boys Life and find that Dremel and Lowes have teamed up to host a series of demonstrations on learning some valuable tips and tricks for building your Pinewood Derby car.
Demonstration dates are:
January 13
January 20
January 27
February 3
February 10
February 17
February 24
All Demonstration times are at 7pm at your local Lowes. All children attending will receive an All-Star Derby Car Demonstration Patch.

Jurassic Pack

I know, Jurassic Pack isn't until April, but I had to share the awesome stuff I found at the Dollar Tree today! I found this Dinosaur Fossil Kit, Dinosaur foam stickers and the Dinosaur scratch stickers. All for a $1 each.
Now if you are not familiar with the Fossil Kits, they are compressed sand with an item in the miidle and the tools are used to scrape away the material to reveal the artifact. These are a little different than the ones I have seen. They are dinosaur eggs with bones inside. You excavate the bones and then assemble them into the dinosaur. I think there are 6 - 8 pieces per dinosaur.
Sweet! You will need to have each boy supply a 9x12 inch shallow (like a cake) pan so that they have a controlled "excavation" area. Other wise it gets messy quick.

The other goor deal I found was the scratchable dinosaur stickers. Each pack came with 10 stickers and 1 scratching tool. You'll need more wooden tools for multiple boys. I can't wait for April!

Service Projects for Cub Scouts

Are you considering a service project for your Cub Scouts? Here are a few that are age approriate for Cubs.

  • collecting food for a food bank or local family
  • baking cookies for your local police and fire departments
  • making cards for sick children or residents of a nursing home
  • visiting a nursing home
  • collecting toys or adopting a family at Christmas
  • helping with Operation Christmas Child http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/OCC/
  • serving food at a church sponsored event for those less fortunate this holiday season

These are just a few ideas for service projects. The holidays makes it easy to learn about serving and thinking about others first.

Food Pyramid Requirement 8A

Are you looking for a food pyramid for your den meetings? I found a great pyramid that the kids can color and the site has excellent material to help guide you through the Food Pyramid discussion. http://www.mypyramid.gov/KIDS/ There are 3 downloads for you. One is the black and white for the boys to color, one is the color one to help you help them, and then there is a discussion download. Easy material to help you get through this section of the Wolf Requirements.

Seeds of Kindness

This month we've been talking about seeds of kindness. It's the perfect theme for November because you can tie it into all kinds of service projects for your boys. Our Pack collected food for the local food pantry. Our Den made cookies and delivered them to our local police and fire fighters. We are working on making Christmas cards for a shut in child with cancer.

This month has so many possibilities! Thanksgiving brings opportunity to teach a grace song Elective 11E. We are learning the We Will Rock You grace (found at www.boyscouttrail.com). Also check out Requirements 8A-E all of the food and cooking requirements. There are also Citizenship Belt Loop requirements for participating in a service project.

We found Kindness Coins at www.orientaltrading.com and have had the boys give out kindness coins for the last couple of weeks to people who have been kind to them. Teachers, friends, people at the grocery store. They've had fun giving away their coins to those who have been helpful and kind to them.

In thinking about all the events that are going on this month, there are lots of ways to tie them into the Wolf den program.

Taking your boys to the polls

Today I took a couple of my wolf den boys to go vote with me. We were very fortunate, there were no lines and when the staff found out that we were Cub Scouts, they gave the boys sample voters registration cards to "fill out" for when they were old enough to vote : )
So we got to learn about voter registration and why we register to vote. Then they checked us in and showed us to a voting booth. The boys pushed all the buttons and we talked about who was running for the different positions. One boy asked me why I was voting the way I was voting, because he liked the other guy and my response was "it's my vote and I get to vote for who I like. When you're old enough to vote, you get to vote for who you like." Thank goodness that was good enough. I have a policy of not talking politics with 8 year olds.
We talked about privacy and one Wolf Cub asked why I was allowing him to see who I was voting for. Excellent question Wolf Cub! Because we are learning about voting and I wanted him to see exactly how you vote for someone. It's not this mystical process. You go in, you punch the buttons and you push the red VOTE button. And that is how you hire and fire your elected officials and let your voice be heard.
The boys thought it was pretty cool and we will be watching the returns for a little while (until bedtime) to see who the next president and representatives will be. What a great learning adventure for your Wolf Cubs!

Election Day Celebrations

Tuesday Nov 4th is Election Day. Here is a great opportunity to talk to your boys about citizenship and about how important voting for your elected officials is. One of the activities for the Citizenship Pin is taking your bosy to go vote. Most of the kids are out of school tomorrow, so take them to go vote and then take them for a tasty treat... Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Stores are offering a free scoop of icecream from 5pm-8pm tomorrow to celebrate democracy.
Visit http://www.benjerry.com/features/i_voted/ for details and participating locations.

Recycling Wolf Requirement 7

Here are a couple of great resources for Recycling information. Wolf Requirement 7B Discuss how land, air and water get dirty, Wolf Requirement 7C Find out about Recycling where you live and Wolf Requirement 7E Read 3 stories about how people are protecting our world.

Also if you are in the Middle Tennessee area, check out Metro Nashville's Recycling Education Station!

Den Certificates

I was recently informed of a great site for creating custom Cub Scout and Boy Scout Certificate. The site is super easy to use and you can probably find all kinds of reasons to use them. http://www.cyberbasetradingpost.com/docs/create-a-certificate1.cfm I think I am going to give all of my denners one after completing their term as denner for our den. It's also a good way to show appreciation for adults who may be helping you in your den or on special trips as well. Love this site : ) Have fun!

Library vist

My den went to the library tonight and I really expected it to be a tough den meeting. But the boys loved going, getting their cards and picking out a book. Isn't it interesting that the things I think will be boring to them are the things that they enjoy the most? I guess it just goes to show you that you never know what boy these age like.

Adventures in Books activities

This week we are going to the library to complete some electives that go with our monthly theme "Adventures in Books".

Elective 6A~ Go to the Library and get a library card
Elective 6B~ Choose a book
Requirement 10D~ Read a book with your family
Elective 6C~ Make a book cover

Don't know what to use for your book cover paper? How about old wrapping paper that is turned backwards giving you a white cover? Or you can buy brown butcher paper rolls at your local office supply store. We plan on precutting the paper before the meeting.

The cool cars....

My husband is a huge car enthusiast. So it was fun to go to the car museum with him. Lane Motor Museum features foreign cars and one of kind vehicles.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed at the extent of their collection. Cars that were tiny, cars that raced, cars with 3 wheels, cars that went in the water. Yes, they had amphibian cars! Cars
made out of wood, fiberglass, stainless steel. Motorcycles with one wheel, motor cycles with rotary engines. Cars that were pedal powered, cars that looked like planes, cars with wings and planes that could fit in your garage. Fast cars, slow cars, old cars, new cars. This is beginning to sound like a Dr. Seuss story!

It really was very impressive. On this particular day, they had tours of the basement collection. More fun stuff going on down there. We really got to see some very cool, very unique vehicles. Although I do have to say that I certainly have an new appreciation from my more modern car. Safety items, good gas milage and a little more power!

Definately a fun place to look into for your collecting belt loop qualification of visiting a museum and seeing a collection.

Car Museums Complete Collecting Belt Loop

We had planned a trip to Lane Motor Museum to complete our collecting belt loop for today. When I logged on to the website http://lanemotormuseum.org/ I found that today is the 5th Anniversary and is having all kinds of special events and rides in the cars! This will be one of them most fun belt loops we've comepleted! Remember, visiting a museum doesn't have to be a stuffy old museum. Think outside the box. We are all looking forward to our trip to the museum today!

To find a car museum near you, visit the National Association of Automobile Museums website http://www.naam.museum/

Repeat after me...

Can I tell you how much I hate singing in public? I really don't like to sing in public. But while we were at Cub n Family this weekend, I found myself bursting out in song as we walked from activity to activity. Why? I don't know. But I did find out that we had very quickly satisfied Wolf Elective 11D~ Learn 3 cub scout songs! Well, shoot, that's one more elective towards arrow points!

Here are a few of our favorites:

We had some Tiger cubs tagging along so we started singing the "We are Tigers" from the Frosted Flakes commercial with Tony the Tiger. They really seemed to think that was awesome. We sang that twice and added a growl at the end. The thing is, you can adapt that to Wolves just as easily..."We are Wolf cubs, mighty, mighty Wolf cubs."

Repeat after me songs seem to work best with my Wolves, and its something they can do as they walk to keep them up with the group and not falling behind.

Belt Loops and the Wolf Program

I have recently received several emails about which Belt Loops work into the Wolf Requirements and Electives. I have put together a list of a few that work in the Wolf Program. Section 20, Electives on Sports you can work many of the belt loops into. But here are a few of the other Belt Loops.

*Fishing Belt Loop
Review local fishing regulations Wolf Elective 19D
Demonstrate how to bait a hook Wolf Elective 19B
Try to catch a fish Wolf Elective 19C

Sports Belt Loops… most can be done in Wolf Elective 20’s

*Collecting Belt Loop
Wolf Requirement 6B~ Make a Collection
Wolf Requirement 6C~ Share your Collection
*visit a museum to complete your Collecting Belt Loop!

*Computer Belt Loop
Explain CPU, Modem, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor and Printer~ Wolf Elective 21C (Computer mouse/CD-ROM)
Show how to Start Up and Shut Down a computer
Wolf Elective 21B~ use a program to write a report

*Citizenship belt loop
Develop a list of things you can do at home (Wolf Requirement 4E)
Make a poster of things you can do to be a good citizen
Participate in a service related project (food drive)
To earn Citizenship Pin…
Go with parents to vote (Nov 4th)
Participate in a parade (December Christmas Parade)
List ways you can recycle (Wolf Requirement 7E)
Conduct a home energy audit (Wolf Requirement 7F)
Create a collage about America (American ABC’s theme in Feb)

And this is what it's all about...

Friendship and fellowship. This is what cub scouts is all about!

Color Guard... Practice before the Pack meeting!

Last week we found out that our den would be the Color Guard at the next Pack meeting. None of our boys have ever been on Color Guard, so we took the flags and divided the boys into 2 teams. I went off the boys sizes so that we had the same amount of bigger boys and smaller boys on each team. I found one team was very serious about their job and one team was playing around. The serious team was rewarded by being allowed to carry the American Flag during our next Pack meeting. The team that will be carrying the Pack flag got serious after that. Sometimes the honor of doing, or in this case not doing, is enough to make a difference with 8 year old boys.

Read a book to your boys

Tonight I tried something that really was not part of my den meeting plan. I found a book with a Pirate theme in my son's room, so I thought that since we're doing books and a Pirate theme in our den, I would take the book and read to them. We were in the sanctuary practicing our color guard ceremony for the next Pack meeting and I sat down on the altar stairs and had the boys sit around besides and behind me while I read the book to them. It was the first time my boys were quite. They sat attentively as I read to them.

What a nice surprise. Quality quiet time with all my boys. I wish someone had taken a picture.

Cold and Flu Season is upon us... check out Healthy Habits!

Coughing, sniffles and fevers seem to be going around here right now. Take the time to discuss Wolf Requirement 3B ~ How to stop the spread of colds and Requirement 3C ~ How to treat a cut. Also go ahead and work with the Healthy Habits chart ~ Wolf Requirement 3A to reinforce healthy habits such as hand washing!
The Healthy Habits chart that we created has spaces for handwashing before each meal and also reminders to wash hands after using the restroom as well.

Cub and Family is coming up soon!

Camp outs are great fun. Before you go on your Cub and Family camping trip take a few minutes to discuss Wolf Elective 23 B (Explain how to take care of yourself in the outdoors) Wolf Elective 23C (What to do if you think you are lost) and Elective 23D (Explain the buddy system). Wolf Elective 18H pointing out poisonous plants is good one too! Easy Arrow points for your scouts!

While you are at the camp out don't forget to take advantage of Wolf Requirement 2E (How to raise the flag) and Wolf Requirement 2F (Participate in an outdoor flag service). Wolf Elective 23A (Attend a Pack overnighter) and Wolf Elective 23H (Participate in an outdoor worship service if the scout attends).
Keep track of all your activities at camp out. You can also use your camp outs to work on Leave No Trace Principles and complete some of the Leave No Trace Requirements.
Leave No Trace:
  • Discuss with your leader the importance of Leave No Trace Frontcountry Guidelines
  • On 3 seperate outings, practice frontcountry guidelines of Leave No Trace
  • Complete Requirement 7 "Your Living World"
  • Participate in a Leave No Trace related service project
  • Promise to practice the Leave No Trace frontcountry guidelines by signing the Cub Scout Leave No Trace Pledge
  • Draw a poster to illustrate the Leave No Trace frontcountry guidelines and display it at a pack meeting.

Adventures in Books

This month we have taken the Adventures in Book theme and we are writing our own adventure story! We chose a Pirate theme and gave the boys a bag full of pirate goodies for them to include in their stories. Since we will be using a computer to write our stories, we will also knock out the computer Electives 21 A, B and C and also the computer belt loop! In addition we will be going to the library to get our library card, checking out a book and making the book cover (Electives 6A, B and C).

All of our crafts will be done with a Pirate theme this month. We did a demonstration for the boys to show them how the stories had to include each of the items in the bag and they had a blast. Many of the parents stopped me on the way out and said that thier son's were already working on their stories in the car!

We included the following items to be included in the stories:


Eye Patch


Gold and Silver or coins


Treasure map


Remember: To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate!

Invisible Ink

Here are the results of our baking soda and grape juice invisible ink project. Be advised that the grape juice dries sticky, so you can't keep any of these. Which was really disappointing because most of my boys were really sweet. I took pictures instead... here is what they said...
#1 I love you very much (with a picture of scout and Ms. Jen)
#2 I love Ms. Jen and Cub Scouts
#3 I love Jen the best
#4 To Ms. Jen from Blaise
#5 Happy Halloween with a skull (from one of our Dads)
Super fun project and most of the boys enjoyed doing it.


I recently learned that one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence is on display this weekend only at the Nashville Public Library downtown. I am sure that it has everything to do with the Presidential debate happing next week. What a great way to tie everything that has been going on in the news!
In addition to being able to see the Declaration, there will be period re-enactments, films and a mock election with real voting booths.
What an amazing opportunity to teach your kids about citizenship!

Invisible Ink Secret Messages

Wolf Elective 1B is to use a secret code using Invisible Ink. I tested the methods in the Wolf book prior to teaching them to the boys. The problem with using Milk or Lemon Juice as your invisible ink, is that you need a light bulb to "burn" the message. Many people are switching to florecent lightbulbs and they don't produce enough heat to burn the message. In fact, I even tried heating the message up over the stove, and didn't have much luck. Not to mention, I thought better about the boys using a heat source.

I found an alternate invisible ink source. You can use baking soda and water as your "ink". 1 part baking soda to 2 parts water. The baking soda and water don't mix well, so you will need to stir with each dip in your "ink". To make your message appear, use concentrated grape juice. The grape juice reacts with the baking soda to create a chemical reaction and turns the secret message a different color. This works great and you don't have to worry about your cubs accidentally burning the house down.

You can use Q tips to apply both the secret message and the grape juice.

Note: Don't let the boys get carried away with the grape juice. The wetter it gets, the more the message smears. But if they do a quick swipe with the juice, the message appears with no problems.

Boy's Life Say Yes to Reading Contest and Patch

Boy's Life is having it's annual Reading Contest. Details are below. This is a great way to incorporate the October theme of "Adventures in Books". You can also use this activity to work in the electives on Computers and also the Computer Belt Loop!

Wolf Elective 21B Write a Report

Computer Belt Loop:

  • Explain these parts of a computer :CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, modem and printer. Satisfies Wolf Elective 21C Tell what a mouse is and discribe how a CD ROM is used.
  • Demonstrate how to start up and shut down a computer properly.
  • Use your computer to print a report.

Say Yes to Reading Contest:

  • Write a one page report no more than 500 words on the best book you read this year
  • Fiction or non fiction
  • Select your age group: ages 8 and under, ages 9-10, 11 years or older

Everyone who enters gets a free patch! First place winners in each catagory get a $100 gift certificate for the Boy Scouts official retail catalog, 2nd place winners get a $75 gift certificate and 3rd place winners get a $50 gift certificate.

Include your name, age and grade in school on your report.

Mail your report along with a business sized SASE to:

Boys Life Reading Contest


P.O. Box 152079

Irvine, TX 75015-2079

Den Flags

We created our own den flag this year. I found banners from Oriental Trading Company 56/9015. They come in several colors. We selected white and added a blue trim and Wolf Den 6" Patch. Our footprints represent and reinforce the Leave No Trace theme: Leave nothing but footprints. As we complete each monthly theme we will add the monthly theme patch along the bottom of the flag.

We added blue and gold feathers and our boys and parents have already started adding more embellishments to our flag and flag pole to make it their own! Our flag pole also carries our den doodle, so there are lots of strings and beads hanging off our flag! This was a super fun project and the kids love our flag.

On the back of our flag, we have a second flag with the Cub Scout Patch and foot prints of our Sprouts. We incorporate our Sprouts in all of our activities and they are thrilled to be included with thier own flag.

Buddy Racers

We tried Wolf Elective 7C this weekend (Buddy Racers) to reinforce our theme of buddies. Our Asst Den Leader made them and the boys had fun. Next week we will do the requirements in section 5 for "tools", have the boys disassemble and reassemble the buddy racers and therefore get the tools, and Elective 7C under their belts!
Buddy Racers took the boys a minute to figure out. They work best with bigger kids in the front and smaller kids in the back. Also, have your kids in the back hold the shoulders of the kids in front and have the kids in front say "left, right" until they get used to walking together.
Note: If you assemble them, you can have the boys unscrew them and then screw them back together again and add a few nails to satisfy Requirement 5C and 5D and then they have the completed Racers to play with.
Building Buddy Racers satisfies the following:
  • Wolf Elective 7C make a pair of Buddy Racers
  • Wolf Requirement 5C Screws and Screwdrivers
  • Wolf Requirement 5D Hammer and Nails

Collecting Belt Loops and Requirements

I recently ran across a program that is perfect for the Collecting Belt Loop and the Wolf Den Collecting Requirements in section 6.

Topps, Upper Deck, Major League Baseball and others, have started an organization called Baseball Card Clubhouse. Participating stores will give your scouts a free Baseball Card Collectors kit with baseball cards and a baseball card collecting patch!

This fulfills:
  • Wolf Requirement 6B Make a collection of 10 things and put them together in a neat way.
  • If they show and explain their collection to someone else, that satisfies the Wolf Requirement 6C.

Collecting Belt Loop:

  • Begin a collection of at least 10 items, title and label your collection.
  • Display your collection at a den or pack meeting.
  • Visit a show or museum that displays different collections.

For more information or to find a participating store near you, visit www.baseballcardclubhouse.com

2008 Year of the Volunteer

Scouting Magazine has a short survey online to help provide them with a focus group for the magazine. They have an awesome iron on that they are sending to anyone who completes the 5 minute survey. Unfortunately, I can not find a picture of it online! But it is a goodlooking Iron On for the Adult leaders.

Visit www.scouting.org/bsasurveycenter
Password is SCOUTING (in all capital letters)

Who doesn't love slime?

Are you working on the Science Belt Loop or the Science Pin? Here is a fun and easy experiment, and more importantly all around fun project. Making home made slime is quick, easy and you probably have everything you need at home. This "slime" is the same stuff that that is also known as "fart putty" if you are familiar with that.

Supplies needed to make Slime:

Bowl number 1:

  • 4 oz of Elmer's Glue
  • 4 oz of water
  • food coloring of your choice

Bowl number 2:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tsp of *Borax powder

Mix the Elmer's with the water. Then in a separate bowl mix the water and the Borax powder. When the Borax is dissolved, slowly add the Borax mixture to the glue mixture, stirring constantly. You will see the slime start to come together. Remove the slime from the remaining water and kneed the slime until it is firm and consistent. Throw away the remaining water.

Store your new slime in a tight container or zip lock bag. The fun of putting the slime in a container is that if the slime is the same size as the container, it will make farting sounds as you push it in with your fingers... what boy doesn't want that?

Be sure to refrigerate your slime when done. Do not eat of ingest your slime.

*Borax is a laundry booster. If you don't already have some at home, you'll find it in the laundry aisle at the supermarket.

Tent Care: Mildew Removal

I recently purchased a tent and the handy tent set up guide had this recipe for eliminating mildew. Now I haven't tried it myself, but it is worth a try.

Mix 1/2 cup of Lysol in 1 gallon of HOT water. Sponge the mixture on the tent and let it dry. After it has dried, mix 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of concentrated lemon juice in 1 gallon of HOT water. Sponge the mixture on the tent and let it dry.

Store your tent in a cool, dry place. Storing tents in hot areas will cause the water repellent to deteriorate. There is nothing worse than finding out that your tent isn't water repellent, than on a camping trip in the pouring down rain... can you tell I'm speaking from experience here?

Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop

One of my favorite belt loops to teach is the Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop. When I was researching the Food Chain, I remembered an activity that we did in high school many years ago and the activity was called the Web of Life. If you are looking for a way to teach Wildlife Conservation, check out this website http://www.kidsplanet.org/wol/index.html.

After drawing the food chain, we sat in a circle and had each boy be a "character" in the story. Some were plants and trees, bees, wolves, ticks etc. Then every time they mentioned a character, we strung string between the two connections. Such as bees pollinate the plants, so the bees get strung to the plants. Then the squirels and deer get strung to the plants and so on. Pretty soon you have a very nifty little web going on showing how everything is interconnected to another. Then when you are finished you can show how if one part of the web of life becomes endangered (such as bees for instance) everything else become endangered as well. Have the boy with the bees drop his string. Then everyone who is connected to the bees drop all of their strings and so on until no one is holding a string.
It is one of my favorite visuals to illustrate why conservation is important.

BSA Family Activity 8

This weeks BSA Family activity comes from the Developing Responsibility section of the Teaching Responsibility portion of the BSA Family Award. If you choose one of these activities and have completed one of the Being Prepared activities, you will have completed the 2 requirements for the Teaching Responsibility Section.
From the Book: The purpose of these activities is to help family members become responsible people by doing their part to help others.
Choose one of the following:
  • Complete a family service chartlisting all chores and the family member assigned to each job. The family decides how often to rotate jobs on the chart. Wolf Requirement 4E

  • Get a plant or pet and teach your child how to take care of the of it. Discuss with your child how the plant or pet depends on its owner. It takes a lor of work to be responsible for living things. Wolf Elective 15C (plants) Wolf Elective 14A (pets)

  • Let children pick their favorite meals or snacks and help prepare them and clean up. Wolf Requirement 8B (plan the meals that your family should have for one day), Wolf Requirement 8C (help fix at least one meal for your family), Wolf Requirement 8D (fix your own breakfast) and Wolf Requirement 8E (with an adult, help to plan, prepare, and cook and outdoor meal).

Most of these are requirements that you'll be doing already, so go ahead and work them into your BSA Family Award!

Citizenship Belt Loop and Pin

The Citizenship Belt Loop and Pin works nicely into the Wolf Den program.

To earn the Citizenship Belt Loop:

  • Develop a list of things that you can at home (Wolf Requirement 4E)

  • Make a poster of things that you can do to be a good citizen.

  • Participate in a service related project. (Pack Food Drive, etc)

To earn the Citizenship Pin:

  • Go with parents to vote (November)

  • Participate in a parade (Pack activity)

  • List ways that you can recycle (Wolf Requirement 7E)

  • Conduct a home energy audit (Wolf Requirement 7F)

  • Create a collage about America (American ABC's in Feb)

BSA Family Activities 7

This weeks BSA Family Activity is from Section 5 Handling Difficult Situations. The section that we are looking at is Loss of Loved Ones. Choose one for BSA Family credit.

From the BSA Family Workbook: The purpose is to help each family member cope with the pain and confusion of the death of a family member or loved one, and to understand that each person does not deal with grief in the same way.

  • Plant a tree or perennial flower in memory of a deceased loved one. Wolf Elective 15B Plant and raise a flower bed, Beautification Scout Award

  • Look through old family photographs. Look for pictures of relatives who have died and talk about them. How did they die? How old were they? How were they related to you? What do you remember about them? Heritage Pin

  • Learn about Memorial Day. As a family, do an activity to commemorate Memorial Day. Flag Placement Ceremony

FLW Fishing Patch

We just received our FLW Master Angler Patch in the mail. My Wolf Cub was so excited. He can't wait to show it to his Grandfather (the one who took him fishing to earn his patch). Not only is this a fun patch to get and receive, but it also offers an extra bonus of opening up dialog for my Wolf Cub and his Grandfather. Every time he looks at his fishing patch he will remember the time spent "on the boat".

I would encourage you to work on the Master Angler Patch with your Cub Scout.
http://wolfden126.blogspot.com/search/label/Belt%20Loop%20Fishing for the qualifications. FLW has said that if they don't catch a fish that's ok. You can just provide a picture of them trying to fish. After all that's why it's called "Fishing" and not "Catching"!

Weather Belt Loop

The Weather Belt Loop is a very educational and fun Belt Loop for the boys. The three requirements are:

1. Draw a poster that shows and explains the water cycle. There is a great resource on the KidZone website http://www.kidzone.ws/WATER/index.html

2. Set up a simple weather station to record rainfall, temperature, air pressure, or evaporation for one week. Check out the Franklin Institutes web site http://www.fi.edu/weather/todo/todo.html for instructions on how to make a weather journal, barometer, hygrometer, rain gauge, weather vane and compass.

3. Watch the weather forecast on your local news.

This was a fun activity for the boys and doing some of the experiments that are on these websites really helped demonstrate the water cycle.

Ice Skating

The great thing about belt loops is that they give your boys an opportunity to try something new. Today, we tried ice skating. I guess what I like best is that the way that the belt loop programs are designed, by the time they earn their belt loop, they have had enough practice to really determine if they like that activity.

Today we worked on the ice skating belt loop and Wolf Elective 20E (Ice Skating safety and skills). At first, my little Wolf Cub didn't care for ice skating, but then we met some boys the same age who wanted to teach my boys how to skate (young hockey players), and by the end of the 3 hour session, we were doing pretty good. So good infact, that they want to go back and do some more ice skating!
We got to see the Zamboni in action and learned what it did. One of our new little hockey player friends told us why the Zamboni was an important piece of equipment and why they have to resurface the ice. All in all, it was a great educational day disquised as fun!

Try something new with your boys this summer. Belt Loops are a great way to introduce new activities and areas of interest.

Osprey Back Pack Contest

Here's a fun little contest for your little hiker. You can win an Osprey Back Pack via a writing contest. The rules and regulations below are taken from the Osprey website.


Osprey Packs Sprint Series Kid's Reading and Writing ContestOsprey is proud to offer our legendary custom fit in packs specifically designed for kids, the Sprint Series. We consider the opportunity to offer great packs to kids much more than a sale; it is an opportunity to foster stewardship of and passion for the wild places left on our planet. With our children's help we can truly save our natural environment for generations to come.

In that spirit, Osprey is seeking great writing that highlights kid's very best adventures with a pack and demonstrates an understanding of the Principles of Leave No Trace - a key component in preserving our wild places. We are a proud partner of Leave No Trace and you'll find their seven principles screened inside all our packs - including the Sprint Series.

First, visit the Leave No Trace website and read-up on the seven principles of Leave no Trace.http://www.lnt.org/programs/principles.php

You must be 6 -16 years of age to enter. NO GROWN-UPS! In 250-500 words, tell us about a place you have hiked or backpacked that was especially memorable for you. Why is it special to you? Did you have a special encounter with an animal? Mother Nature? Was the area threatened? Was it well taken care of? Last but NOT least, pick one of the Leave No Trace principles and tell us how you applied it to your adventure. You are also welcome (but not required) to include a photo of yourself.

Essays will be judged by a panel of wild animals with guidance by your friends at Osprey. All winners will be featured on our website and may be published in future Osprey catalogs.

Your choice of any one Osprey backpack from the following series:
Argon & Xenon Series - Backpacking, Men's and Women's Deluxe Custom Fit
Aether & Ariel Series - Backpacking, Men's and Women's Lightweight Custom Fit
Sprint Series - Backpacking, Kid's Deluxe Custom fit
Atmos & Aura Series - Backpacking, Men's and Women's Fit, Ventilated
Kestrel Series - Backpacking and Day Hiking, torso adjustable fit
Stratos Series - Backpacking and Day Hiking, Ventilated

That means you can outfit yourself with a brand new Sprint or if you already have one, get your parents out on the trail with a great fitting Osprey of their own. We'll also throw in a Sprint Series pack towel. Send your entry to sprintcontest@ospreypacks.com with the subject "Reading and Writing".

You'll be notified within 30 days if you are a winner. The contest is open until we get every kid out there hiking and leaving no trace!

Parent Pin Neckbands

One of the Moms in our Pack has one of these, and I just love them. They are great for putting your parent pins on. She wears it only for special occassions. One side is blue and gold for cub scouts and the other is olive and red for boy scouts. You can order them from http://www.mothers-pride.com/ Price is $5.50 each and $2.50 shipping. What a way to show your Cub Scout Pride!

Wolf Elective 10B

Elective 10B is make a musical instrament American Indians used. You can make a rainstick which is a musical instrament. The best way for kids to make a rainstick is to grab an empty Pringles can. Clean it out and fill it 3/4 of the way full with styrofoam peanuts. Then put 1/2-1 cup of uncooked rice in. Put the top on and viola you have a rainstick. Cover the can with construction paper and decorate.

Another variation on this is to use a paper towel roll. Seal both ends with tape. Use straight pins and push them in all over the roll. It takes approx 150-200 straight pins. Then ad rice. Tape over all of the pin heads so that they don't come out and get stepped on. Be sure to cover the outside with construction paper and decorate. Top it off with some yarn ties.

Traditional rainsticks are made from dried cactus and have cactus needles inserted inside the cactus stick. These child friendly rainsticks are a great way to introduce some of the traditions of the Native Americans.

BSA Family Activity 6

This weeks BSA Family Activity is Developing Personal Strengths. These activities come from the Trusting section. If you have chosen one activity from the Duty to God, doing one of these activities will finish the Developing Personal Strengths section.

From the BSA Family Workbook: The purpose of the Trusting activities is to help parents and children understand the importance of others being able to trust them, and discover ways to develop tustworthiness.

1. Set up a simple obsticle course (chairs, tables, boxes, etc.) Wolf Elective 18D. Explain that each child is going to walk through the course while wearing a blindfold. Walk with each child and give directions to guide him throught the course without bumping into anything. "Walk 2 steps forward, take 3 steps to the right." When everyone has finished the course ask "Why did you follow my directions as you went through the obsticle course?" Help children understand that is was because they trusted you. Discuss trust.

2. Play "find the object" game. Have a child leave the room while another family member hides an obeject somewhere in the room. The child come backs and tries to find the object. When the child gets close to it, the family hums, getting louder as the child gets closer, until the object is found. Give everyone a turn to find the object. At the end of the game, make the point that the person looking for the object trusted the people humming to be able to find the object quickly.

3. To illustrate the different ways that children can prove thier trustworthiness, discuss the following situations:

  • What if Mom said that you could have one cookie from a whole plate of cookies, and then she left the room. How many would you take?

  • What if your friends mom invited you to his surprise birthday party? Would you keep the secret from him? What would happen if you told him?

  • What if a neighbor mistakenly gave you a $5 bill instead of a $1 bill as promised for a job you did. What would you do?

  • What if a teacher gave you a note to take to the principal during recess, and on the way some friends stopped you and said "we want you on our team. Come and play with us now. We have to hury before recess is over." What would you do?

  • What if you accidentally broke a dish and Mom asked "who did it"? What would you do?

  • What if Dad gave you money for milk at lunch. You saw a candy machine and wanted to buy a candy bar instead. What would you do?

  • What if Dad told you to stay out of his den while he was at work, but you needed to use his pencil sharpener. What would you do?

These are great activities on trusting. Choose one, to complete the Trusting section.