January is Amazing Games Month!

January brings in a monthly theme of games! Your Wolf Handbook is filled with games for Cubs. Why not use these games to fill your monthly theme and grab more easy Arrow Points along the way? Also up for the theme is the Chess Belt Loop and the Marbles Belt Loop!

Check out these Electives in Chapter 4:
4A: Pie-tin Washer toss
4B: Marble Sharpshooter
4C: Ring Toss
4D: Beanbag Toss
4E: Marbles
4F: Wide area game with your den or pack

Elective 9 Make a gift or toy

This Christmas, no doubt your Scout has made some homemade gifts to share with family or friends. I know that my Scout is making a scrapbook of Daddy and Me for his Dad. Elective 9B and 9C are to make a gift or toy and give it away. If your Scout has done this project this Christmas season, go ahead and grab those Arrow Points!

Elective 17C Wrapping Presents

Electives in Chapter 17 are about Tying it Right. Specifically Elective 17C: Wrap and Tie a Present. It's another easy Arrow Point to grab since you are probably having your scout help wrap a few gifts for brother and sister or grandma and grandpa. Snatch up this elective as your scout helps you prepare for Christmas or birthdays.

Pinewood Derby Help

It's almost that time! The Pinewood Derby is right around the corner. I can't tell you how excited I was to pick up the latest edition of Boys Life and find that Dremel and Lowes have teamed up to host a series of demonstrations on learning some valuable tips and tricks for building your Pinewood Derby car.
Demonstration dates are:
January 13
January 20
January 27
February 3
February 10
February 17
February 24
All Demonstration times are at 7pm at your local Lowes. All children attending will receive an All-Star Derby Car Demonstration Patch.