Recycling Wolf Requirement 7

Here are a couple of great resources for Recycling information. Wolf Requirement 7B Discuss how land, air and water get dirty, Wolf Requirement 7C Find out about Recycling where you live and Wolf Requirement 7E Read 3 stories about how people are protecting our world.

Also if you are in the Middle Tennessee area, check out Metro Nashville's Recycling Education Station!

Den Certificates

I was recently informed of a great site for creating custom Cub Scout and Boy Scout Certificate. The site is super easy to use and you can probably find all kinds of reasons to use them. I think I am going to give all of my denners one after completing their term as denner for our den. It's also a good way to show appreciation for adults who may be helping you in your den or on special trips as well. Love this site : ) Have fun!

Library vist

My den went to the library tonight and I really expected it to be a tough den meeting. But the boys loved going, getting their cards and picking out a book. Isn't it interesting that the things I think will be boring to them are the things that they enjoy the most? I guess it just goes to show you that you never know what boy these age like.

Adventures in Books activities

This week we are going to the library to complete some electives that go with our monthly theme "Adventures in Books".

Elective 6A~ Go to the Library and get a library card
Elective 6B~ Choose a book
Requirement 10D~ Read a book with your family
Elective 6C~ Make a book cover

Don't know what to use for your book cover paper? How about old wrapping paper that is turned backwards giving you a white cover? Or you can buy brown butcher paper rolls at your local office supply store. We plan on precutting the paper before the meeting.

The cool cars....

My husband is a huge car enthusiast. So it was fun to go to the car museum with him. Lane Motor Museum features foreign cars and one of kind vehicles.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed at the extent of their collection. Cars that were tiny, cars that raced, cars with 3 wheels, cars that went in the water. Yes, they had amphibian cars! Cars
made out of wood, fiberglass, stainless steel. Motorcycles with one wheel, motor cycles with rotary engines. Cars that were pedal powered, cars that looked like planes, cars with wings and planes that could fit in your garage. Fast cars, slow cars, old cars, new cars. This is beginning to sound like a Dr. Seuss story!

It really was very impressive. On this particular day, they had tours of the basement collection. More fun stuff going on down there. We really got to see some very cool, very unique vehicles. Although I do have to say that I certainly have an new appreciation from my more modern car. Safety items, good gas milage and a little more power!

Definately a fun place to look into for your collecting belt loop qualification of visiting a museum and seeing a collection.

Car Museums Complete Collecting Belt Loop

We had planned a trip to Lane Motor Museum to complete our collecting belt loop for today. When I logged on to the website I found that today is the 5th Anniversary and is having all kinds of special events and rides in the cars! This will be one of them most fun belt loops we've comepleted! Remember, visiting a museum doesn't have to be a stuffy old museum. Think outside the box. We are all looking forward to our trip to the museum today!

To find a car museum near you, visit the National Association of Automobile Museums website

Repeat after me...

Can I tell you how much I hate singing in public? I really don't like to sing in public. But while we were at Cub n Family this weekend, I found myself bursting out in song as we walked from activity to activity. Why? I don't know. But I did find out that we had very quickly satisfied Wolf Elective 11D~ Learn 3 cub scout songs! Well, shoot, that's one more elective towards arrow points!

Here are a few of our favorites:

We had some Tiger cubs tagging along so we started singing the "We are Tigers" from the Frosted Flakes commercial with Tony the Tiger. They really seemed to think that was awesome. We sang that twice and added a growl at the end. The thing is, you can adapt that to Wolves just as easily..."We are Wolf cubs, mighty, mighty Wolf cubs."

Repeat after me songs seem to work best with my Wolves, and its something they can do as they walk to keep them up with the group and not falling behind.

Belt Loops and the Wolf Program

I have recently received several emails about which Belt Loops work into the Wolf Requirements and Electives. I have put together a list of a few that work in the Wolf Program. Section 20, Electives on Sports you can work many of the belt loops into. But here are a few of the other Belt Loops.

*Fishing Belt Loop
Review local fishing regulations Wolf Elective 19D
Demonstrate how to bait a hook Wolf Elective 19B
Try to catch a fish Wolf Elective 19C

Sports Belt Loops… most can be done in Wolf Elective 20’s

*Collecting Belt Loop
Wolf Requirement 6B~ Make a Collection
Wolf Requirement 6C~ Share your Collection
*visit a museum to complete your Collecting Belt Loop!

*Computer Belt Loop
Explain CPU, Modem, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor and Printer~ Wolf Elective 21C (Computer mouse/CD-ROM)
Show how to Start Up and Shut Down a computer
Wolf Elective 21B~ use a program to write a report

*Citizenship belt loop
Develop a list of things you can do at home (Wolf Requirement 4E)
Make a poster of things you can do to be a good citizen
Participate in a service related project (food drive)
To earn Citizenship Pin…
Go with parents to vote (Nov 4th)
Participate in a parade (December Christmas Parade)
List ways you can recycle (Wolf Requirement 7E)
Conduct a home energy audit (Wolf Requirement 7F)
Create a collage about America (American ABC’s theme in Feb)

And this is what it's all about...

Friendship and fellowship. This is what cub scouts is all about!

Color Guard... Practice before the Pack meeting!

Last week we found out that our den would be the Color Guard at the next Pack meeting. None of our boys have ever been on Color Guard, so we took the flags and divided the boys into 2 teams. I went off the boys sizes so that we had the same amount of bigger boys and smaller boys on each team. I found one team was very serious about their job and one team was playing around. The serious team was rewarded by being allowed to carry the American Flag during our next Pack meeting. The team that will be carrying the Pack flag got serious after that. Sometimes the honor of doing, or in this case not doing, is enough to make a difference with 8 year old boys.

Read a book to your boys

Tonight I tried something that really was not part of my den meeting plan. I found a book with a Pirate theme in my son's room, so I thought that since we're doing books and a Pirate theme in our den, I would take the book and read to them. We were in the sanctuary practicing our color guard ceremony for the next Pack meeting and I sat down on the altar stairs and had the boys sit around besides and behind me while I read the book to them. It was the first time my boys were quite. They sat attentively as I read to them.

What a nice surprise. Quality quiet time with all my boys. I wish someone had taken a picture.

Cold and Flu Season is upon us... check out Healthy Habits!

Coughing, sniffles and fevers seem to be going around here right now. Take the time to discuss Wolf Requirement 3B ~ How to stop the spread of colds and Requirement 3C ~ How to treat a cut. Also go ahead and work with the Healthy Habits chart ~ Wolf Requirement 3A to reinforce healthy habits such as hand washing!
The Healthy Habits chart that we created has spaces for handwashing before each meal and also reminders to wash hands after using the restroom as well.

Cub and Family is coming up soon!

Camp outs are great fun. Before you go on your Cub and Family camping trip take a few minutes to discuss Wolf Elective 23 B (Explain how to take care of yourself in the outdoors) Wolf Elective 23C (What to do if you think you are lost) and Elective 23D (Explain the buddy system). Wolf Elective 18H pointing out poisonous plants is good one too! Easy Arrow points for your scouts!

While you are at the camp out don't forget to take advantage of Wolf Requirement 2E (How to raise the flag) and Wolf Requirement 2F (Participate in an outdoor flag service). Wolf Elective 23A (Attend a Pack overnighter) and Wolf Elective 23H (Participate in an outdoor worship service if the scout attends).
Keep track of all your activities at camp out. You can also use your camp outs to work on Leave No Trace Principles and complete some of the Leave No Trace Requirements.
Leave No Trace:
  • Discuss with your leader the importance of Leave No Trace Frontcountry Guidelines
  • On 3 seperate outings, practice frontcountry guidelines of Leave No Trace
  • Complete Requirement 7 "Your Living World"
  • Participate in a Leave No Trace related service project
  • Promise to practice the Leave No Trace frontcountry guidelines by signing the Cub Scout Leave No Trace Pledge
  • Draw a poster to illustrate the Leave No Trace frontcountry guidelines and display it at a pack meeting.

Adventures in Books

This month we have taken the Adventures in Book theme and we are writing our own adventure story! We chose a Pirate theme and gave the boys a bag full of pirate goodies for them to include in their stories. Since we will be using a computer to write our stories, we will also knock out the computer Electives 21 A, B and C and also the computer belt loop! In addition we will be going to the library to get our library card, checking out a book and making the book cover (Electives 6A, B and C).

All of our crafts will be done with a Pirate theme this month. We did a demonstration for the boys to show them how the stories had to include each of the items in the bag and they had a blast. Many of the parents stopped me on the way out and said that thier son's were already working on their stories in the car!

We included the following items to be included in the stories:


Eye Patch


Gold and Silver or coins


Treasure map


Remember: To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate!

Invisible Ink

Here are the results of our baking soda and grape juice invisible ink project. Be advised that the grape juice dries sticky, so you can't keep any of these. Which was really disappointing because most of my boys were really sweet. I took pictures instead... here is what they said...
#1 I love you very much (with a picture of scout and Ms. Jen)
#2 I love Ms. Jen and Cub Scouts
#3 I love Jen the best
#4 To Ms. Jen from Blaise
#5 Happy Halloween with a skull (from one of our Dads)
Super fun project and most of the boys enjoyed doing it.


I recently learned that one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence is on display this weekend only at the Nashville Public Library downtown. I am sure that it has everything to do with the Presidential debate happing next week. What a great way to tie everything that has been going on in the news!
In addition to being able to see the Declaration, there will be period re-enactments, films and a mock election with real voting booths.
What an amazing opportunity to teach your kids about citizenship!