Our Summer Long Time Capsule Project

With just a month to go before the boys get out of school, we have already begun collecting and planning for our summer fun.

Recently, we were doing some deep cleaning at our home and we came across a time capsule project my husband and I had done 15 years ago, when my husband and I were still dating. It was fun to look back and see how things had changed. The Tennessee Titans arena was just being built. Dodge had just released it's incredibly beautiful new body truck, and you could still buy a Pontiac. Our original time capsule was pretty simple. A newspaper and some pictures around Nashville of things we thought would change.

We have all decided that it's time to do this project again. Only this time we have little ones to change our perspective. Our little project is growing this year, and we are going to add the following things to our 2010 time capsule:

1. Journal. Every member of the family will have a journal. We will sit down and write in it twice a week. Each member of the family will be free to write about anything they want as long as it happened in the last 3 days.

2. Toy. The boys want to include one toy that they think represents what's popular in 2010.

3. Newspaper. Our last time capsule was done in July of 1995, so we'll pick up our newspaper in July this year as well.

4. Pictures. This year will be fun to add pictures of things the boys think will change. Last time we took lots of pictures of cars since my hubby is a car enthusiast, what perspective will the boys bring? What do they think is important to take pictures of? I can't wait!

Last year when the Scout Shop had patches on sale, I picked up some "time capsule" patches. They'll get to remember this fun project on their patch blanket each time they look at it.

Summer is about to begin!

Well, it's been a while since I've updated my blog. I quit being a scout leader last year and have spent my time trying to catch up on all those things that I have been neglecting. Although we are no longer active in cub scouts, I'll link up the scout activities with the scout books as I come to them, so you can continue to use this blog for your electives and requirements. I'll be linking up with the Webelo and Wolf books, since those are the ages of my kiddos.

Now let's get back to helping boys have fun!

With the summer fast approaching, I'll be listing fun activities that I will be doing with my boys and hope that you will enjoy doing them with your boys too.

Hope you have a great summer!