Belt Loops and the Wolf Program

I have recently received several emails about which Belt Loops work into the Wolf Requirements and Electives. I have put together a list of a few that work in the Wolf Program. Section 20, Electives on Sports you can work many of the belt loops into. But here are a few of the other Belt Loops.

*Fishing Belt Loop
Review local fishing regulations Wolf Elective 19D
Demonstrate how to bait a hook Wolf Elective 19B
Try to catch a fish Wolf Elective 19C

Sports Belt Loops… most can be done in Wolf Elective 20’s

*Collecting Belt Loop
Wolf Requirement 6B~ Make a Collection
Wolf Requirement 6C~ Share your Collection
*visit a museum to complete your Collecting Belt Loop!

*Computer Belt Loop
Explain CPU, Modem, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor and Printer~ Wolf Elective 21C (Computer mouse/CD-ROM)
Show how to Start Up and Shut Down a computer
Wolf Elective 21B~ use a program to write a report

*Citizenship belt loop
Develop a list of things you can do at home (Wolf Requirement 4E)
Make a poster of things you can do to be a good citizen
Participate in a service related project (food drive)
To earn Citizenship Pin…
Go with parents to vote (Nov 4th)
Participate in a parade (December Christmas Parade)
List ways you can recycle (Wolf Requirement 7E)
Conduct a home energy audit (Wolf Requirement 7F)
Create a collage about America (American ABC’s theme in Feb)