Adventures in Books

This month we have taken the Adventures in Book theme and we are writing our own adventure story! We chose a Pirate theme and gave the boys a bag full of pirate goodies for them to include in their stories. Since we will be using a computer to write our stories, we will also knock out the computer Electives 21 A, B and C and also the computer belt loop! In addition we will be going to the library to get our library card, checking out a book and making the book cover (Electives 6A, B and C).

All of our crafts will be done with a Pirate theme this month. We did a demonstration for the boys to show them how the stories had to include each of the items in the bag and they had a blast. Many of the parents stopped me on the way out and said that thier son's were already working on their stories in the car!

We included the following items to be included in the stories:


Eye Patch


Gold and Silver or coins


Treasure map


Remember: To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate!