Repeat after me...

Can I tell you how much I hate singing in public? I really don't like to sing in public. But while we were at Cub n Family this weekend, I found myself bursting out in song as we walked from activity to activity. Why? I don't know. But I did find out that we had very quickly satisfied Wolf Elective 11D~ Learn 3 cub scout songs! Well, shoot, that's one more elective towards arrow points!

Here are a few of our favorites:

We had some Tiger cubs tagging along so we started singing the "We are Tigers" from the Frosted Flakes commercial with Tony the Tiger. They really seemed to think that was awesome. We sang that twice and added a growl at the end. The thing is, you can adapt that to Wolves just as easily..."We are Wolf cubs, mighty, mighty Wolf cubs."

Repeat after me songs seem to work best with my Wolves, and its something they can do as they walk to keep them up with the group and not falling behind.