Go Fly a Kite

If you want to try building and flying a home made kite (Electives 5A-D) here are some things that we learned...

Elective 5B (make a paperbag kite) is super easy. Takes 15-30 minutes to create and you can use any kind of paper bag or gift bag. We didn't have any luck getting it to fly though. You may want to save this as a super windy day activity.

Elective 5C (make a 2 stick kite) is more time consuming and difficult to build. The instructions aren't quiet complete in the book and it's a very heavy kite when you use a paper bag. Here are some modifications that we are going to try for round two: use a plastic garbage bag instead of a paper bag to make it lighter. Add a drop of hot glue to the ends of the notches so that the string doesn't come out when it crashes.

Kite Flying statisfies Wolf Electives 5A, 5B or 5C and BSA Family (Family Fun) requirements as well