Have Pets?

You can fulfill several Wolf Electives if you have pets and these activities are easy to do.

Elective 14A is simply to take care of your pet. Understand how to feed and what to feed your animal and how to keep their homes clean and healthy. Easy right? If you have pets of any kind, you already know this, so go ahead and get credit! You can also get credit for the BSA Family Award (Teaching Responsibility: Developing Responsibility credit)

Since you're already talking about animals, talk about Wolf Elective 14B, Know what to do when you meet a strange dog. This a good time to talk about this because the kids are outside playing anyway and it's good safety advice and everything you need to know is right in the Wolf Handbook.

Wolf Elective 14D goes hand in hand with the other two and talks about Rabies and what to do when you see an animal acting strangely. Again, good advice for those of us who like to send the kids outside for the summer.

These are easy Wolf Electives to earn and the time is right with the kids being outside to go ahead and talk about it.