BSA Family Program Activities 2

This week we are selecting one of the following activities for the BSA Family Award from the second catagory: Strengthening Family Relationships. You may select one of these activities as the first of two Strengthening Familes Activities. There will be more activities from the Strengthening Family Relationships in the coming weeks to select your second activity.

This weeks selections come from the "Making Mealtime Meaningful" section.
From the BSA Family Workbook: Purpose: To make mealtime a more meaningful for the entire family and to help children develop mealtime social skills.

1. With your children, plan several days of meals together. Make a list of ingredients and check to see what is already on hand. (Wolf Requirement 8B)

2. Let each child help prepare a meal for the family. Help set the table, cook the food and wash the dishes. (Wolf Requirement 8C)

3. Have a backyard cookout. Give each child a task in preparing or cleaning up the meal. (Wolf Requirement 8E)