Fishing Anyone?

Are you taking the boys fishing this summer? If you are, you can receive lots of credit for doing that activity!

1. Fishing Belt Loop. Complete these three requirements:

A. Review your local fishing regulations with your leader or adult partner. Explain why they are important, and commit to following them.

B. Demonstrate how to properly bait a hook.

C. Try to catch a fish.

2. Wolf Elective 19A-F

19A. Identify 5 kinds of fish (Bass Pro Shops in Opry Mills has a great live display of sport fish)

19B. Rig a Pole and go fishing.

19C. Fish with members of your family and do your best to try to catch a fish. (BSA Family Activity and Fishing Belt Loop requirement)

19D. Know the rules of safe fishing.

19E. Tell about some of the fishing laws where you live. (Fishing Belt Loop Requirement)

19F. Show how to use a rod and reel.

3. Completing all of Wolf Elective 19A-F is one part of the World Conservation Award

4. BSA Family Enjoying Family Fun is to go fishing as a family and learn and follow local fishing regulations. (Wolf Elective 19C, part of Fishing Belt Loop Requirement)

5. Earn your "Master Angler Patch" By submitting the following:
A. Scout Name
B. Address
C. City, State, Zip
D. Date of Fishing Trip
E. Body of Water Fished
F. Distance from Home
G. Air Temp
H. Water Temp
I. Water Clarity (Clear, Slightly stained, Stained, Muddy)
J. Lures Used
K. Line Type
L. Type of Reel Used (Spinning, Spincasting, Baitcasting, other)
M. Number of Fish Caught
N. Species of Fish Caught
Submit info and a PHOTO from the trip to:

Master Anglers Program
FLW Outdoors
30 Gamble Lane
Benton, KY 42025
As you can see, one fishing trip can cover lots of awards and electives and many of the requirements (like learning fishing laws) are covered in more than one activity.

Have fun!