Gas prices got you grounded?

Gas prices have definately got us grounded around our house. And I am looking for quick and easy activites for the boys to do without actually driving anywhere. Here's a list of fun, busy activities to do with your boys at home.

Wolf Elective 8B ~ Help an adult do a job using a wheel and axle. You can have them pull a wagon and pick up sticks or rocks in the yard and move them into a pile or have them help move plants or mulch as you work with flowers or a garden.

Wolf Elective 18A ~ Help plan and hold a picnic with your family or den. Move your lunch outdoors and have a picnic!

Wolf Elective 18B ~ With an adult, help plan and run a family outing.

Wolf Elective 18C ~ Help plan and lay out a treasure hunt.

Wolf Elective 18D ~ Help Plan and lay out an obsticle race.

Wolf Elective 18E ~ Help plan and lay out an advernture trail. In a park or play ground, set up 5 games scattered around the park.

Wolf Requirement 7C ~ With an adult, pick up litter in your neighborhood

Have fun getting these easy electives!