Collecting Belt Loops and Requirements

I recently ran across a program that is perfect for the Collecting Belt Loop and the Wolf Den Collecting Requirements in section 6.

Topps, Upper Deck, Major League Baseball and others, have started an organization called Baseball Card Clubhouse. Participating stores will give your scouts a free Baseball Card Collectors kit with baseball cards and a baseball card collecting patch!

This fulfills:
  • Wolf Requirement 6B Make a collection of 10 things and put them together in a neat way.
  • If they show and explain their collection to someone else, that satisfies the Wolf Requirement 6C.

Collecting Belt Loop:

  • Begin a collection of at least 10 items, title and label your collection.
  • Display your collection at a den or pack meeting.
  • Visit a show or museum that displays different collections.

For more information or to find a participating store near you, visit