BSA Family Activity 8

This weeks BSA Family activity comes from the Developing Responsibility section of the Teaching Responsibility portion of the BSA Family Award. If you choose one of these activities and have completed one of the Being Prepared activities, you will have completed the 2 requirements for the Teaching Responsibility Section.
From the Book: The purpose of these activities is to help family members become responsible people by doing their part to help others.
Choose one of the following:
  • Complete a family service chartlisting all chores and the family member assigned to each job. The family decides how often to rotate jobs on the chart. Wolf Requirement 4E

  • Get a plant or pet and teach your child how to take care of the of it. Discuss with your child how the plant or pet depends on its owner. It takes a lor of work to be responsible for living things. Wolf Elective 15C (plants) Wolf Elective 14A (pets)

  • Let children pick their favorite meals or snacks and help prepare them and clean up. Wolf Requirement 8B (plan the meals that your family should have for one day), Wolf Requirement 8C (help fix at least one meal for your family), Wolf Requirement 8D (fix your own breakfast) and Wolf Requirement 8E (with an adult, help to plan, prepare, and cook and outdoor meal).

Most of these are requirements that you'll be doing already, so go ahead and work them into your BSA Family Award!