Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop

One of my favorite belt loops to teach is the Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop. When I was researching the Food Chain, I remembered an activity that we did in high school many years ago and the activity was called the Web of Life. If you are looking for a way to teach Wildlife Conservation, check out this website http://www.kidsplanet.org/wol/index.html.

After drawing the food chain, we sat in a circle and had each boy be a "character" in the story. Some were plants and trees, bees, wolves, ticks etc. Then every time they mentioned a character, we strung string between the two connections. Such as bees pollinate the plants, so the bees get strung to the plants. Then the squirels and deer get strung to the plants and so on. Pretty soon you have a very nifty little web going on showing how everything is interconnected to another. Then when you are finished you can show how if one part of the web of life becomes endangered (such as bees for instance) everything else become endangered as well. Have the boy with the bees drop his string. Then everyone who is connected to the bees drop all of their strings and so on until no one is holding a string.
It is one of my favorite visuals to illustrate why conservation is important.