Buddy Racers

We tried Wolf Elective 7C this weekend (Buddy Racers) to reinforce our theme of buddies. Our Asst Den Leader made them and the boys had fun. Next week we will do the requirements in section 5 for "tools", have the boys disassemble and reassemble the buddy racers and therefore get the tools, and Elective 7C under their belts!
Buddy Racers took the boys a minute to figure out. They work best with bigger kids in the front and smaller kids in the back. Also, have your kids in the back hold the shoulders of the kids in front and have the kids in front say "left, right" until they get used to walking together.
Note: If you assemble them, you can have the boys unscrew them and then screw them back together again and add a few nails to satisfy Requirement 5C and 5D and then they have the completed Racers to play with.
Building Buddy Racers satisfies the following:
  • Wolf Elective 7C make a pair of Buddy Racers
  • Wolf Requirement 5C Screws and Screwdrivers
  • Wolf Requirement 5D Hammer and Nails