Wolf Elective 10B

Elective 10B is make a musical instrament American Indians used. You can make a rainstick which is a musical instrament. The best way for kids to make a rainstick is to grab an empty Pringles can. Clean it out and fill it 3/4 of the way full with styrofoam peanuts. Then put 1/2-1 cup of uncooked rice in. Put the top on and viola you have a rainstick. Cover the can with construction paper and decorate.

Another variation on this is to use a paper towel roll. Seal both ends with tape. Use straight pins and push them in all over the roll. It takes approx 150-200 straight pins. Then ad rice. Tape over all of the pin heads so that they don't come out and get stepped on. Be sure to cover the outside with construction paper and decorate. Top it off with some yarn ties.

Traditional rainsticks are made from dried cactus and have cactus needles inserted inside the cactus stick. These child friendly rainsticks are a great way to introduce some of the traditions of the Native Americans.