BSA Family Activities 7

This weeks BSA Family Activity is from Section 5 Handling Difficult Situations. The section that we are looking at is Loss of Loved Ones. Choose one for BSA Family credit.

From the BSA Family Workbook: The purpose is to help each family member cope with the pain and confusion of the death of a family member or loved one, and to understand that each person does not deal with grief in the same way.

  • Plant a tree or perennial flower in memory of a deceased loved one. Wolf Elective 15B Plant and raise a flower bed, Beautification Scout Award

  • Look through old family photographs. Look for pictures of relatives who have died and talk about them. How did they die? How old were they? How were they related to you? What do you remember about them? Heritage Pin

  • Learn about Memorial Day. As a family, do an activity to commemorate Memorial Day. Flag Placement Ceremony