BSA Family Activity 5

This weeks BSA Family Activity is one I am sure you are all partaking in this weekend. This activity comes from the Learning Through Fun and Adventure section and is under the Being Patriotic activities. By choosing one of these activities and if you completed one of the Learning Through Fun and Adventure (Enjoying Family Fun) activities, then you will have satisfied the Learning Through Adventure Section of the BSA Family Award.

From the BSA Family Workbook: The Purpose of Being Patriotic is to to help family members recognize feelings of patriotism and encourage expression of those feelings.

1. Learn a Patriotic song. Wolf Elective 11A or 11B

2. Visit a National Park or Historic site.

3. Learn proper flag ettiquete. Display an American flag at your home on holidays. Wolf Requirement 2C

4. Celebrate a patriotic holiday such as the 4th of July and watch fireworks.

5. Research your family history and why they came to America. Heritage Belt Loop Requirement

6. Talk to someone from a different country and ask why they came to the United States. Language and Culture Belt Loop Requirement

7. Visit a military cemetary and place flags on graves. Flag Placement Ceremony (Memorial Day Pack activity)