Ice Skating

The great thing about belt loops is that they give your boys an opportunity to try something new. Today, we tried ice skating. I guess what I like best is that the way that the belt loop programs are designed, by the time they earn their belt loop, they have had enough practice to really determine if they like that activity.

Today we worked on the ice skating belt loop and Wolf Elective 20E (Ice Skating safety and skills). At first, my little Wolf Cub didn't care for ice skating, but then we met some boys the same age who wanted to teach my boys how to skate (young hockey players), and by the end of the 3 hour session, we were doing pretty good. So good infact, that they want to go back and do some more ice skating!
We got to see the Zamboni in action and learned what it did. One of our new little hockey player friends told us why the Zamboni was an important piece of equipment and why they have to resurface the ice. All in all, it was a great educational day disquised as fun!

Try something new with your boys this summer. Belt Loops are a great way to introduce new activities and areas of interest.