Taking your boys to the polls

Today I took a couple of my wolf den boys to go vote with me. We were very fortunate, there were no lines and when the staff found out that we were Cub Scouts, they gave the boys sample voters registration cards to "fill out" for when they were old enough to vote : )
So we got to learn about voter registration and why we register to vote. Then they checked us in and showed us to a voting booth. The boys pushed all the buttons and we talked about who was running for the different positions. One boy asked me why I was voting the way I was voting, because he liked the other guy and my response was "it's my vote and I get to vote for who I like. When you're old enough to vote, you get to vote for who you like." Thank goodness that was good enough. I have a policy of not talking politics with 8 year olds.
We talked about privacy and one Wolf Cub asked why I was allowing him to see who I was voting for. Excellent question Wolf Cub! Because we are learning about voting and I wanted him to see exactly how you vote for someone. It's not this mystical process. You go in, you punch the buttons and you push the red VOTE button. And that is how you hire and fire your elected officials and let your voice be heard.
The boys thought it was pretty cool and we will be watching the returns for a little while (until bedtime) to see who the next president and representatives will be. What a great learning adventure for your Wolf Cubs!