Seeds of Kindness

This month we've been talking about seeds of kindness. It's the perfect theme for November because you can tie it into all kinds of service projects for your boys. Our Pack collected food for the local food pantry. Our Den made cookies and delivered them to our local police and fire fighters. We are working on making Christmas cards for a shut in child with cancer.

This month has so many possibilities! Thanksgiving brings opportunity to teach a grace song Elective 11E. We are learning the We Will Rock You grace (found at Also check out Requirements 8A-E all of the food and cooking requirements. There are also Citizenship Belt Loop requirements for participating in a service project.

We found Kindness Coins at and have had the boys give out kindness coins for the last couple of weeks to people who have been kind to them. Teachers, friends, people at the grocery store. They've had fun giving away their coins to those who have been helpful and kind to them.

In thinking about all the events that are going on this month, there are lots of ways to tie them into the Wolf den program.